Maiyoua Thao

for Common Council - District 7
Public Safety - Quality of Life - Economic Development 

Financial Leadership for a Strong Appleton

and a Healthy Community 


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“I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve as an Alderperson and to bring my breadth of business knowledge and fiscal responsibility to enhance the quality of life for District 7 and all Appleton residents.”


I would like to thank the leaders, friends, colleagues, families and my campaign team who encouraged me to run for city council. Today, I am a candidate because of your encouragement and believing in me. 


I have decided to run for city council because I am motivated to help our city councils to be more effective in serving our community. I am looking forward to the opportunity to contribute my leadership attributes for serving our community. As your elected city council, I am committed to work hard and do my best to represent all the residents in district 7. My priority is to make sure I communicate with you and respond to your questions and inquiries about any strategic plans for district 7 and the city of Appleton. 


Since my husband, Chungyia and I moved to Appleton 24 years ago, Appleton is always our home.  We raised our children in one of the best city in the United States. Appleton is a place where we are able to develop businesses, create jobs, and advocate for many families in the community. I wanted to continue to help the city of Appleton to encourage responsible economic development, create jobs, preserve a vibrant heritage and make Appleton one of the best cities in the nation to raise a family.  I want to make sure Appleton is a great place for everyone to receive the best education, raise a family, start a business and to enjoy a quality of life.


As a Hmong American, I can be a bridge for the city of Appleton and the diverse population in our community, as well. I am committed to represent all residents in district 7 to the best of my ability with integrity. I could bring a unique and valuable diverse perspective to the common council.


As a City Council, I am willing to address any issues, needs and challenges in our community relevant to cultural gap, communication needs and keep you informed of any trends in the city of Appleton.


There are several ways you can support my campaign. You can volunteer your time and make donation to cover my campaign expenses.  Please sign up today.  I will do my best to listen to your needs and concerns and bring them to the city.  


Thank you for your support!  Please go vote on February 19th.

Please vote on April 2nd!


Your  polling location is:

Pathways Church 

311 W Evergreen Dr

Appleton, WI


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